1 06 march Workshop Presentation: objective, theme/design challenge, MRS Design Expo Guidelines; Discussion of possible topics to be addressed;
2 13 march Universal / Inclusive Design and disability people (with Renata Mattos); Discussion on fields of action;
3 20 march Elderly People (with Vera Damazio); Discussion and team meeting;
4 27 march Field of action definition; technologies and user research results;
03 april Good Friday Holiday
5 10 april Design Expo MSR liaison Presentation; Projects review;
6 17 april Discussion with MSR liaison; Preliminary project conceptualization (with João Bonelli);
24 april São Jorge Recess
7 29 april Interaction Design Discussion (with João Bonelli);
01 may Labor Day
8 08 may Projects presentations (Conceptualization);
9 15 may Prototypes development (with João Bonelli);
10 22 may Preview of projects presentations for MSR;
11 29 may Projects presentations for MSR liaisons;
05 june Corpus Christi Recess
12 12 june Projects prototypes development and discussion;
13 19 june Prototypes tests (usability testing) and discussion;
14 26 june Preview of projects final presentations (Final Communication);
15 03 july Projects final presentations.
27-31 july MSR Design Expo

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